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Company history

Created in 2012, CTI Gourmet is borned from a partnership between Ahmed Chaïeb and Nicolas Haelewyn,

At the time International Pastry Chef at Ladurée company, Nicolas globe’s trotter experience allowed him to analyze the needs of french pastry shops located abroad. The fact was everywhere the same : Pastry as well as bakery Chefs struggle to find raw material and equipment to prepare their French recipes.

Ahmed Chaieb, founder of CTI Group is an expert in logistic and transport. Faced to a growing international demand, both decided to join their expertise to meet foreign needs.

CTI becomes the first distributor of pastry and bakery products : raw material, kitchen utensils and machines.

Specialized in the opening of pastry and bakery laboratory, CTI provides customers with Expert Chefs to assist them in their projects and select the best machines needed for their activities. In an even more innovative spirit, CTI Gourmet has developed a 100% free 3D design tool. Chefs can project into their future creative space !

Keep your 3D laboratory now